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Myprotein Bulk Up Bundle: Get bigger and stronger

Myprotein have just announced a new Bulk Up Bundle to add to their range of supplement bundles. We recently blogged about the bundles on offer which you can read HERE.

You will notice that Myprotein already have a Bulk Up Bundle which costs £92.49 (RRP £115.54) that includes Hurricane XS, Tribulus Pro, BCAA+, MP MAX Total Gainer, MP MAX MyBar Oats & Whey and Instant Oats. This new bundle costs half the price at just £49.99!

What does the new Myprotein Bulk Up Bundle Include?

  1. Creatine Monohydrate (250g) – Helps increase strength and power
  2. MP MAX Total Gainer (Strawberry 2720g) – A protein/carbohydrate blend to aid the growth and repair of your muscles
  3. Milk Protein Smooth (Chocolate 1kg) – Helps to repair your muscles when sleeping (casein protein)
  4. L Glutamine (250g) – Enhances muscle recovery
  5. Instant Oats (2.5kg) – A low GI carbohydrate source to fuel your workouts
  6. MP MAX Blender Bottle (600ml)

Why should I buy the Myprotein Bulk Up Bundle?

The Bulk Up Bundle is ideal for people at all levels from beginners looking to add mass and size to more experienced athletes and bodybuilders who need quality protein and nutrition around the clock to maintain muscle growth or to break training plateaus to go that extra mile and continue to grow in size and strength.

This daily supplement plan is an example which Myprotein have put together which helps you understand how the supplements in the bundle work and when you should use them.

The Bulk Up Bundle Diet Plan

Breakfast: 70g of Instant Oats

Lunch: Pre Workout Shake / 70g Instant Oats / 5g Creatine Monohydrate

After training: Post Workout Shake / 100g Total Gainer / 5g L Glutamine

Before Bed: 30g Milk Protein Smooth


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